Justin Gambino Ministries

Justin Gambino Ministries is a registered 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt ministry. Justin not only writes and performs his original music, but also travels to lead worship at Churches, Festivals, Youth Camps, Retreats, Conferences and Revivals near and far.

A Letter From Justin


First, I want thank you for taking the time to visit my Donation Page. Allow me to introduce “Justin Gambino Ministries”. It all started after I decided to leave the Navy and quit my job to pursue this calling that God has on my life, full time. Throughout these last few years of touring on the road and sharing my music wherever God leads me, I have always been asked how people can support this journey. Numerous times, from the stage, I would say that you can support me by purchasing my music, merchandise or throwing a couple bucks in my gas can (no, really…I travel with a red gas can in place of a tip jar). What started as “a few songs in a notepad” has become a journey that has allowed me to share my music with people around the world. I’ve had people say that my music has encouraged them to stay the course, and several who chose not to take their own life, because a song encouraged them to keep fighting the fight. That’s what “Justin Gambino Ministries” is all about. To inspire. To encourage. To make a change. If you are considering donating to this Ministry, you can do so above by clicking on the yellow “Donate” button. Your donation will help keep the wheels turning. When completing your donation, please provide a mailing address, e-mail address or phone number, so that I can contact you personally and thank you for your love and support. With your support, I am able to do what God has called me to do. Blessings to you and yours.

Best Regards,


Justin Gambino


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